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Ceiling insulation

A very large impact on the energy efficiency of buildings is also created by the proper insulation of the ceilings, especially those located above the basement. Similarly to the attics, their inappropriate insulation can lead to very large heat losses. We, thanks to spray technology, can offer you insulation of the ceiling with polyurethane foam, which thanks to its properties significantly affects the comfort and safety of building users. Our activities are carried out quickly, and modern aggregates allow us to carry out orders comprehensively and effectively. Insulation of the ceiling provides not only thermal comfort, but also perfectly silences individual floors. We invite you to contact us and we will answer your questions.

internal and external insulation (open and closed cell)

insulating and soundproofing objects thermal insulation

acoustic insulations

insulation of concrete, steel and wooden structures


Applications of spray foam insulations


residential buildings (attics, flat roofs, flat roofs, walls, foundations, terraces, tanks , concrete underlayment, skeletal construction, attic adaptations)

industrial buildings, production halls, warehouses and storage tanks (tanks, vats, etc. )

agricultural objects (inventory buildings, farms, pigs, chicken houses, turkeys, cowsheds, stables )

mushroom farms, storage rooms, refrigerators, elevators

heating tunnels, exhaust tunnels, duct insulation, ventilation and air conditioning ducts inside and outside

insulation of heating, cooling, water and other utilities, underground and ground, insulation external and internal installations, cooling sequences of ice rinks

insulation of floating objects: barges, ships, yachts, ferries

excellent for both new and existing homes

lower utility bills


Where to find us?

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Our company specializes in spray insulations with polyurethane foam and polyurea. We offer contracting at competitive prices – at the highest level, with the use of materials from leading suppliers.

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