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The main application of foam in the sealing-insulating technology with very good phon-isolation parameters (open-cell) and hydro-insulation (closed cell.

Foam has been tested and tested in the aging chamber and has a certificate confirming 25 years of unchanged parameters guaranteed by the manufacturer / customers receive the appropriate certificate to preserve the foam properties in the above-mentioned period

The recommended ambient temperature for open-air foam is not less than + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C. However, there is a foam that can be applied in a temperature of - 10 ° C, but this raises the investment cost due to the higher cost of such foam. In contrast, closed-chamber foam needs ambient temperature and a minimum of + 15 ° C and up to + 30 ° C. In this case too, there is foam with the possibility of application at -10st.C and again it is raising the investment costs.

There are different foams produced by different manufacturers. The foam used by INPUR is a non-flame spread foam - Self-extinguishing fire classification PN-EN 13501- E Flammability according to DIN 4102 Class B2.

PUR foam is very safe. Only application of foam - spraying can have a negative impact on health - it is adequate to protect the health and safety of the spraying team. Max 24 hours after spraying you can calmly carry out further finishing work, and after good ventilation completely odorless which is confirmed by the certificate of the Polish Hygienic Association, allowing its use also in the halls where food is produced

Foam structure is closed making it difficult to settle dust and does not cause irritation of the upper respiratory tract, thus it does not lead to allergies - foam is the perfect solution for allergy sufferers !!! (it should be emphasized that no insulation material in itself causes allergies)

No. Foam in some way insulates steel surfaces. It is used in passive houses with steel structure.

Foam spraying takes place on already seasoned wood, in addition the open-cell foam to a greater extent and closed-cell foam in the smaller one are breathable materials, so there is no fear of the possibility of rotting and rotting. Foam has been used for years to insulate Canadian wooden houses.

Open-cell foam is a material that breathes stronger closed-cell foam is a material that is less breathable but both breathe which is confirmed by tests.

Depending on the effect you want to achieve and the places where the foam should be used, you should choose the right foam. Generally speaking, a closed cell is used for external insulation and places exposed to moisture, to the attic to the boards - an open cell wall for foam with a lower density for harder foam floors of higher density. If you have any doubts, we offer professional help and answer all your questions.

If you want your home a recuperator is provided and the house is to meet the standards of an energy-efficient house, the suggested insulation thickness in the attic is about 25cm. The cost of a thicker insulation layer will be disproportionate to the effect achieved.

The most appropriate time for the attic insulation is the moment in which the external insulation of the walls "elevation" is not necessarily in the color. Only the external façade contact with the roof surface is concerned. Elevation should put a roof to the surface because this will allow you to effectively insulate the bagel and we know from experience that the wind blows the most in the murbelette.

Thermal bridges - these are the places of the wall, ceiling or roof, in which - due to inferior thermal insulation properties - there is an increased heat escape. In the attic, a non-insulated rafter will also be thermal bridges. Thus, we suggest that when deciding to spray the foam in the attic of the houses, also insulate rafters.

The method of spraying foam allows for its quick application. Approximately 250m2 of surface to be washed in one working day.

Polyurethane has very good adhesion parameters for most building materials, therefore it can be used both for formwork and membrane. It should also be mentioned that the use of polyurethane on the membrane significantly reduces the cost of construction because there is no costly assembly of the roof formwork.

This is more expensive. This is due to the fact that the closed cell has a much higher density, e.g. open has 12kg / m3 and closed up to 60kg / m3. Colloquially speaking, the more foam in the foam, the more expensive the product. The price of the service changes slightly.

The room should, if possible, be cleared of all unnecessary things to ensure free movement of the scaffolding if there are so-called windows in the roof. Roofing can be done with a plate. If there will be a G / K installation and the beams will be flooded, the hooks or other holders for the rack assembly must be screwed in first. However, the whole INPUR company takes care of the whole window, for example - foil protection and cleaning up.

For proper operation of the unit for insulation application, the structure should be protected with 400V / 20B electrical energy. Regarding the cost of the aggregate, this is an amount of 300 PLN per one working day, so this will increase the cost of insulation by about 2pln per 1m2. Of course, it depends on the number of meters to be insulated.

Closed-cell foam does not absorb moisture is a great insulator. In contrast, open cell foam both absorbs moisture and releases it.

The spraying of the two-component foam takes place under a pressure of about 100 bar. The liquid spread on the surface swells and dries in just 12 seconds.

In contrast to traditional insulation with ventilation or mineral wool, rodents, birds, etc. do not nest in the foam. They do not have the freedom to move in the absence of just ventilation space and strict sleep, they feel bad in it.

Foam shaping during showering is quite limited. The end result resembles waves or cauliflower. It can be shaped after spraying but already mechanically. For this reason, the foam thickness is given on average on the surface of 1 m2, i.e. plus or minus 2 cm

Foam stability after ITB tests for invariance of parameters during the period of use is set at 25 years. Such guarantees give you a European certificate and this is supported by the Declaration of Performance No. PL-1 / S / 2015. On the other hand, the guarantee of correctly performed service by INPUR for individual customers is 3 years.

INPUR nie pobiera zaliczek od osób indywidualnych na wykonanie zlecenia. Gwarancją tego, ze przyjedziemy na wskazany adres o umówionej porze jest podpisane przez Państwa zlecenie. Musimy sobie ufać .Nasza myśl przewodnia "Słowo droższe pieniędzy". Sytuacja przedpłaty może mieć miejsce jedynie w przypadku wyjazdów za granicę oraz dużych przedsiębiorstw.

Wraz ze zleceniem otrzymają państwo pakiet dokumentów pozwalający bliżej zapoznać się z materiałem oraz z nasza działalnością w formie elektronicznej a na budowie otrzymają państwo komplet w formie papierowej od właściciela firmy INPUR. Nie ma u nas anonimowości ponieważ właściciel i jeden z aplikatorów to jedna i ta sama osoba.

Yes, closed-cell foam is ideal hydro and thermal insulation. Depending on the desired effect, apply the appropriate layer and use the appropriate density.

INPUR has already performed insulation in Sweden, Norway and Germany. Pictures from these realizations can be found on the page in the projects tab. Nothing prevents us from reaching other EU countries. We cordially invite you to submit queries.

INPUR will come to you to complete any previously discussed and signed order. We provide services throughout Poland.

The VAT rate is appropriate for a given implementation of 0%, 8% and 23% in accordance with Polish tax law.

The investor during the conversations with the owner of the Inpur company gives us the initial measurement. However, due to knowledge, it is an estimation scale needed to calculate the cost of 1 m2 and the exact measurement done on the day of implementation and if it is possible in the presence of the investor or representative of the investor. Before proceeding to the implementation, please confirm the measurement so that after the execution of the order there were no inadmissions from either side.

If you have any comments or questions, we are at your disposal. We will gladly dispel all doubts. We are waiting for e-mail contact or telephone 601-59-77-77. On the other side, you have at your disposal the owner of the company and not, as in many cases, the trader. Our priority is to ensure that our client makes a conscious decision about the spraying of foam and is convinced that he has commissioned it to an appropriate company with experience.


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