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Spray insulation

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About foam

Why is it worth choosing a foam?

Using materials from leading suppliers and using proven technology, which is insulating with polyurethane foam, we are able to provide you with effective insulation of the attic, roof, walls, foundations, etc. Spray insulations are now very popular all over the world, because they have a much lower coefficient of conduction heat, provide excellent thermal insulation, are durable for many years and effectively eliminate thermal bridges. PUR foam is, among others:

low heat conduction coefficient

total elimination of thermal bridges

better noise insulation, healthier, cleaner environment

extremely fast application – up to 300m2 in one day

Insulation with polyurethane foam

A proven solution

Spray insulations enjoy a large, still growing popularity because they allow to significantly improve the energy efficiency of buildings, and thus reduce heating costs and provide daily comfort to building users. Insulation with polyurethane foam is quick and less problematic than in the case of insulation using styrofoam or mineral wool. Our polyurethane insulation technology allows us to reach hard-to-reach places and carry out client orders in various types of facilities – residential, public, industrial and many others. Thanks to insulating with polyurethane foam, you will receive excellent insulation resistant to external factors, humidity and time. We use material from reliable manufacturers that will eliminate all thermal bridges.

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Our company specializes in spray insulations with polyurethane foam and polyurea. We offer contracting at competitive prices – at the highest level, with the use of materials from leading suppliers.

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