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Attic insulation

The largest heat losses in a building are most often caused by a badly insulated roof, which not only makes the attic not suitable for utility rooms, but also has a negative impact on the overall energy efficiency of the building. Insulation of the attic with foam allows to eliminate all thermal bridges and create perfect conditions in this room – both for living and work. In addition, the insulation of the attic by our method means that in the winter heat is retained inside, and in summer the insulating layer protects the room from excessive heating. Spray insulations are also conducive to acoustics, silencing the room. All this means that you will have the opportunity to gain comfort (also if you are allergic) and also reduce heating costs.



Where to find us?

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Our company specializes in spray insulations with polyurethane foam and polyurea. We offer contracting at competitive prices – at the highest level, with the use of materials from leading suppliers.

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